ErgoNotes 1.12

A neatly organized notes manager


  • Notes are perfectly organized
  • Support for encryption
  • Pocket PC version enables seamless integration with your device


  • Alarm function doesn't work properly

Very good

I've started using a notes organizer only recently, and I can already see all its advantages when it comes to managing tasks, deadlines and meetings.

You can also make the most of your time with ErgoNotes, a handy note organizer you can use for all kinds of purposes: handle shopping lists, jot down interesting topics for future blog posts, set reminders for yourself, organize ideas for brainstorming sessions... pretty much anything you can think of.

ErgoNote organizes notes in a tree-like structure which makes them easier to handle. The program also features an embedded search tool to find notes, a wide collection of icons to identify each note, an encrypting tool and support for alarms, though this last feature only works if you name your tasks following an "alarm node pattern" I was unable to find anywhere – not even in the program's documentation.

What's more, if you have a Pocket PC you can use the Pocket version of ErgoNotes on it as well, synchronizing data between your desktop and your device and making the program even more useful.

With ErgoNotes you can organize your life in a more productive way, especially if you also have a Pocket PC and sync data between your desktop and your device.

With ErgoNotes you can manage your notes (or any other information) by organizing them in a tree structure. It keeps all the data in XML-base file so you can easily access your information by other applications. You can run ErgoNotes in your Pocket PC and Desktop PC as well. We tried to make a simple in use and convenient application meeting your needs.

Modern interface

It does not require a great deal of learning

Search feature

Allows to find several nodes at once

Clipboard Support

Enables you to exchange data not only withing the program but also between Desktop ErgoNotes and other applications


Makes it easy to copy or move tree nodes and text not olny within ErgoNotes but also between ErgoNotes and other applications



ErgoNotes 1.12

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